YK-501SK-S05 基礎禮盒(膠囊5入/YD-501HUM 霧化器1入)


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產品規格 :

A. 膠囊5顆

   1. 含特殊配方二氧化氯的食品和藥品級粉末。

   2. 家庭用Newgyne® 膠囊配方, 每顆可調出1公升濃度為300ppm (適合一般表面消毒) 或3公升100ppm (適合以霧化器對室內空氣消毒除臭) 的水溶液。

B. YD-501HUM-S 500毫升便攜式冷霧加濕器1只 (含USB Type C充電,500毫升溶液瓶瓶,和備用吸水棉棒)

C. YD-1000BT 1公升標準濃度水溶液配製瓶1只

D. YD-100MC100毫升量杯1只

務必將膠囊保存在陰涼乾燥處, 以延長膠囊壽命 (環境濕度不高於55%)

Buy it with


5 capsules

that can be made into 5 liters (1 liter per capsule) of Newgyne® stock solution (0.03%, 300 ppm).

1-liter (33.8 fl oz) bottle (1 piece)

to prepare your Newgyne® solution

500-ml portable ultrasonic cool mist humidifier (1 piece)

our signature ultrasonic portable humidifier for you to travel with and use around the home.

100-ml measuring cup (1 piece)

for your convenience.

User Guide

illustrating a broad spectrum of applications (English, Mandarin, Spanish).

Inside the Capsule

Each capsule contains specially formulated chlorine dioxide powder of food and medicinal (USP) grade ingredients.


Store the capsules in a cool, dry place to extend their shelf life (with environmental humidity not exceeding 55%).

Multipurpose function

Our solution is gentle enough to disinfect your skin but also the air around you, dirty surfaces, produce, and even your sinks and drainpipes. Our solution also acts as a deodorizer and can be used to treat athlete's foot. For more information on the applications of our solution, click here.

Amount of Solution Produced with Each Capsule

Each family-use Newgyne® capsule can produce 1 liter of a 300ppm solution (suitable for general surface disinfection) or 3 liters of a 100ppm solution (suitable for air disinfection and odor removal using a humidifier).

Three Stage Switch

Press once to enter intermittent spray mode (automatically turns off after 8 hours).

Press twice to enter continuous spray mode (automatically turns off after 4 hours).

Press three times to turn off the power.

LED Light Indicator

Charging: Red & White

In-Use (unplugged): White

In-Use (plugged): Green & White

Fully Charged (plugged): Green

Low Battery: Red


Spare water-absorbing cotton swab, USB Type C charging cable, 6-month replacement warranty (does not cover human damage)

Mist Output

80 mL/hour (continuous spray) or 40 mL/hour (intermittent spray)

Battery Capacity

1800 mAh

Charging Interface & Time

USB Type C; 4 hours

Input Voltage

Current: DC 5V, 1A

Working Voltage

Current: DC 3.7V, 450 mA

Operating Temperature

0°C - 35°C


72 (diameter) x 210 (height) mm

Net Weight

159 g


We offer a 6-month warranty for our 500-ml portable ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. However, our warranty policy does not cover damage caused by negligent use, misuse, or careless operation. Click here for more information on how to exchange your defected product.

Avoid Damage

Be sure to use distilled water or filtered water to prevent hard water minerals in tap water from entering the respiratory tract and to prevent damage to the spray head (which includes 950 ultra-fine mist outlets). Do not invert the humidifier to prevent the solution from flowing back into the spray head circuitry and short-circuiting.

How to Prepare —

A Step-by-Step Guide

Yvana Hahn Newgyne® Solution

Create your own with just four easy steps.

Active Ingredients: Newgyne®

Please secure the lid, and refrigerate, or store in a cool, dark place.

Step-by-step Instructions

Step One

Fill a one-liter bottle with filtered water.

Step Two

Empty one capsule into the water and close the lid.

Step Three

Let solution sit for 10 minutes (until yellow). Shake well before use.

Step Four

Use the spray bottle or humidifier to dispense the solution. Your solution is now ready for use!

(US FDA #: 3008085264)

使用這款強大而溫和的 Newgyne® 溶液進行消毒和除臭

隨時隨地 創造新時代的舒適®,尤其是在大流行期間。

警告:不要食用。 避免接觸眼睛。

Humidifier Feature

Ultra-Sonic Nozzle

Our portable humidifier contains 950 ultra-fine mist outlets for compact power.

Combine with our Newgyne® solution for effective hassle-free disinfection at home or on-the-go. Newgyne® is activated once released into the air and eliminates any viruses, bacteria, fungi, and odors at contact and in the air, in HVAC ducts, and on surfaces.

Choose Newgyne®

Why Newgyne®?

Humidifiers used with Newgyne® solution can prevent humidifier fever without requiring periodical disinfection.

*Humidifier fever is a viral lung inflammation caused by colonized bacteria and mold spores which is harmful to kids, the elderly, and those with asthma or breathing problems if humidifiers are not disinfected every 3 days, according to US EPA.