YD-501HUM-S 便攜式冷霧加濕器 (500毫升)


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A. 三段開關 : 

   1. 按一次進入間歇噴霧模式(8小時後,自動關機) 

   2. 按兩次進入連續噴霧模式(4小時後,自動關機) 

   3. 按三次則關閉電源。

B. 出霧量 : 80 毫升/小時 (連續噴霧) 40 毫升/小時 (間歇噴霧)

C. 電池容量 : 1800 mAh

D. 充電接口 : USB Type C

E. 輸入電壓,電流 : DC 5V, 1A

F. 充電時間 : 4 小時

G. 工作電壓 : 電流 DC 3.7V, 450 mA

H. 操作溫度 : 0度C- 35度C

I. 尺寸 : 72(直徑) x 210(高) mm

J. 淨重 : 159 g

含PET 500毫升溶液瓶

含USB Type C充電線


6隔月換新保固, 但不包括人為損毀 (如以下兩種原因)

務必使用蒸餾水或過濾水以防止自來水中的硬水礦物質進入呼吸道,同時防止噴頭 (含950個毫米的極精密的出霧口) 導致損壞

切勿倒立加濕器,防止水溶液倒灌進入噴頭線路, 以保護線路.

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One charging cable (USB Type C)

Carrying tube

One Spare cotton filter stick


We offer a 6-month warranty for our 500-ml portable ultrasonic cool mist humidifierHowever, our warranty policy does not cover damage caused by negligent use, misuse, or careless operation. Click here for more information on how to exchange your defected product.

Three Stage Switch

Press once to enter intermittent spray mode (automatically turns off after 8 hours).

Press twice to enter continuous spray mode (automatically turns off after 4 hours).

Press three times to turn off the power.

LED Light Indicator

Charging: Red & White

In-Use (unplugged): White

In-Use (Plugged): Green & White

Fully Charged (plugged): Green

Low Battery: Red

Mist Output

80 mL/hour (continuous mode) or 40 mL/hour (intermittent mode)

Auto Shut-Off

4 hours (Continuous), 8 hours (intermittent)

Charging Interface & Charge Time

USB Type C; 4 hours

Battery Capacity

1800 mAh Lithium battery

Input Voltage

Current: DC 5V, 1A

Working Voltage

Current: DC 3.7V, 450 mA

Operating Temperature

0°C - 35°C

Net Weight

159 g


72 (diameter) x 210 (height) mm


PET, natural plastic color (transparent)

Humidifier Feature

Ultra-sonic Nozzle

Our portable humidifier contains 950 ultra-fine mist outlets for compact power.

Combine with our Newgyne® solution for effective hassle-free disinfection at home or on-the-go. Newgyne® is activated once released into the air and eliminates any viruses, bacteria, fungi, and odors at contact and in the air, in HVAC ducts, and on surfaces.

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Why Newgyne®?

Humidifiers used with Newgyne® solution can prevent humidifier fever without requiring periodical disinfection.

*Humidifier fever is a viral lung inflammation caused by colonized bacteria and mold spores which is harmful to kids, the elderly, and those with asthma or breathing problems if humidifiers are not disinfected every 3 days, according to US EPA.