20 Capsules Refill (for Family Use)

Our signature Newgyne® powder capsules, for creating a gentle, yet powerful multipurpose disinfecting solution. 20 capsules.


20 capsules

that can be made into 20 liters (1 liter per capsule) of Newgyne® stock solution (0.03%, 300ppm).

User Guide

illustrating the full spectrum of applications (English, Mandarin, and Spanish).

Inside the capsule

Each capsule contains specially formulated chlorine dioxide powder of food and medicinal (USP) grade ingredients.


Store the capsules in a cool, dry place to extend their shelf life (with environmental humidity not exceeding 55%).

Multipurpose Function

Our solution is gentle enough to disinfect your skin but also the air around you, dirty surfaces, produce, and even your sinks and drainpipes. Our solution also acts as a deodorizer and can be used to treat athlete's foot. For more information on the applications of our solution, click here.

amount of solution produced from each capsule

Each family-use Newgyne® capsule can produce 1 liter of a 300ppm solution (suitable for general surface disinfection) or 3 liters of a 100ppm solution (suitable for air disinfection and odor removal using a humidifier).

How to Prepare —

A Step-by-Step Guide

Yvana Hahn Newgyne® Solution

Create your own with just four easy steps.

Active Ingredients: Newgyne®

Please secure the lid, and refrigerate, or store in a cool, dark place.

Step-by-step instructions

Step One

Fill a one-liter bottle with filtered water.

Step Two

Empty one capsule into the water and close the lid.

Step Three

Let solution sit for 10 minutes (until yellow). Shake well before use.

Step four

Use the spray bottle or humidifier to dispense the solution. Your solution is now ready for use!

(US FDA #: 3008085264)

Use this powerful yet gentle Newgyne® solution to disinfect and deodorize anytime, anywhere to create a new age comfort® especially during the pandemic.

WARNING: Do not consume. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from children.